Terms & Conditions

  1. The member has to pay minimum for the monthly subscription while enrolling into any of the plans and has to submit all the attested documents required by the company. iFlex may block access of any member to the gym premises in the case of non-payment of dues and non-submission of documents within the stipulated time.
  2. The member must follow rules and regulations, dress code, usage of equipments and services as provisioned by the gym.
  3. The membership fees once paid are completely non-refundable in any case of emergency, medical, or others. Non-usage of gym services will not affect terms and conditions.
  4. The member agrees to be responsible for their behaviour and activities at iFlex premises with iFlex Family Members. Services to such members for any inappropriate behaviour or action can be blocked, fines/penalties be imposed or membership be terminated without any prior notice.
  5. Member agrees to pay a fine of ₹500on losing the locker key.
  6. The member will be careful, cautious and responsible while availing gym services and can be imposed fine/penalty for any kind of damages caused to iFlex family members, its premises, services, facilities, products and equipments willingly or due to negligence.
  7. The member is fully aware of the risks of injury subject to usage of gym services and equipments and agrees that iFlex will not be held responsible for any injury thus caused.
  8. Members are not allowed to bring children nor are they permitted to leave children in any area of the gym any time. iFlex will not hold any responsibility or accountability of any child thus brought or/and left by any parent.
  9. Any member can hold their membership for 1 Month by paying an additional amount of ₹ The member has to opt for this by submitting a “Membership Hold Form”.
  10. Any member can choose to transfer his/her membership to another person who will resume the remaining membership term according to the membership plan at an additional fee of ₹2500. This can be done by submitting a “Membership Transfer form”.
  11. Welcome Kit will only be issued after receiving the required documents. iFlex is not responsible for replacing any of the items in the welcome kit once given. Kindly check the kit properly while receiving.
  12. The member must Re-rack the Dumbbells and Plates after use and Keep the Equipments clean and sweat free.
  13. iFlex is not responsible for kind of loss of your personal belongings. The member must take its responsibility.
  14. iFlex premises are fully under CCTV surveillance which is constantly recording for security.
  15. iFlex reserves the right to change the timings of its facilities and services as well as to revise these terms and conditions at any time without notice. The member agrees that iFlex shall have no obligation to serve you any such notices, personally.
  16. The member shall not do any kind of concealed commercial business with any other member or staff inside the gym premises without any information to the management. Strict action shall be taken if found so.
  17. For any complaints, the member can fill the “Feedback Card” and drop it in the Feedback box.