“The Fit Squad”

We are a community that aspires to stay fit and live a healthy life.We offer a simple ‘EES – Exercise Eat Sleep’ mantra and work with you to get you to your fitness goals! Our equipments are thoughtfully procured, impeccably maintained and constantly updated to keep you gamed up with new challenges everyday.

‘Let’s pack a punch’

At Patna’s largest Gym floor equipped with world-class machines are sourced from Jerai Fitness.

‘Relax like royals’

Sleep plays an as important role in your fitness journey. Our special courses ensure you recover after a hard day and get that sound sleep.

‘New things every day’

At iFlex, don’t be surprised if you get to learn new things every day. While you are on the floor, our expert team of trainers ensure there are no half-measures.

We have various amenities at? iFlex and our certified trainers ensure that you don’t slack! At iFlex, we strive to make the journey of achieving your fitness goals convenient. So you can set new ones.

Manav Goel